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Preparing for Emergencies

Preparation is so important in everything you do - whether it’s walking into an important meeting, planning for retirement or practicing ahead of a big hockey game or dance recital.

We want to help you prepare for the situation no one wants to think about, the death of a loved one. Over the years, our practice has seen the problems that arise when family members struggle to find critical information after a death in the family. Everything from bank accounts to email passwords to verifying services become a struggle at a time of difficulty and grief.

Many of us have some extra time on our hands right now so it may be a good time to fill out your Personal Information Package. You will find a workbook that asks you for everything from the names of your lawyer and investment advisor, to account numbers, to cottage information, to social media passwords. Should anything happen to you, having this information collected in one place and up-to-date will be a huge help to your family in the hectic days and months that follow.

We would be happy if you share this pamphlet with anyone you think could make use of this service.

While this form is provided electronically, we must stress that keeping this information in a safe and secure location is vitally important. It shouldn’t be forwarded electronically to anyone and it’s safer to not keep on a computer. Once completed, print and store it in a safe place.

Click here to download the Personal Information Package.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have and hope you find this package helpful. It's all part of our effort to go beyond the bottom line.


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